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New Titles for Spring 2021

While working through a pandemic, we have managed to put together fourteen newly translated works for Spring 2021. The titles in this list will be donated to the libraries and institutions included in our donation program this upcoming spring. The books will be made available for purchase starting from April. eBook editions will follow shortly.

1) Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy: From Serendipity to Cure by HONJO Tasuku, translated by Andrew Gonzalez (ISBN 978-4-86658-176-7)
2) Ashes to Awesome: Japan's 6,000-Day Economic Miracle by YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi, translated by Fred Uleman (ISBN 978-4-86658-175-0)

3) Gotō Shinpei, Statesman of Vision: Research, Public Health, and Development by KITAOKA Shinichi, translated by Iain Arthy (ISBN 978-4-86658-183-5)

4) Japan's Approach to Legal and Judicial Development in Developing Countries: Building Trust and Partnership edited by JICA, English edition edited by JPIC (ISBN 978-4-86658-130-9)

5) Japanese Art in Perspective: East-West Encounters by TAKASHINA Shūji, translated by Matt Treyvaud (ISBN 978-4-86658-180-4)

6) Noh as Living Art: The Timeless Vitality of Japan's Oldest Theatrical Tradition by YASUDA Noboru, translated by KAWAMOTO Nozomu (ISBN 978-4-86658-178-1)

7) Pax Tokugawana: The Cultural Flowering of Japan, 1603-1853 by HAGA Toru, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter (ISBN 978-4-86658-148-4)

8) Providence Was with Us: How a Japanese Doctor Turned the Afghan Desert Green by NAKAMURA Tetsu, translated by Carl Freire (ISBN 978-4-86658-147-7)

9) Reflections on Tsuda Umeko: Pioneer of Women's Education in Japan by OBA Minako, translated by TANI Yu (ISBN 978-4-86658-181-1)

10) The Sea of Japan: Unraveling the Mystery of Its Hidden Depths by GAMO Toshitaka, translated by Gen Del Raye (ISBN 978-4-86658-129-3)

11) Sugihara Chiune: The Duty and Humanity of an Intelligence Officer by SHIRAISHI Masaaki, translated by Gaynor Sekimori (ISBN 978-4-86658-174-3)

12) Well-Versed: Exploring Modern Japanese Haiku by OZAWA Minoru, translated by Janine Beichman, Photography by Maeda Shinzō & Akira (ISBN 978-4-86658-179-8)

13) The Winding Road to Discovering iPS Cells: The Life of Yamanaka Shinya by YAMANAKA Shinya, Interviewer MIDORI Shinya, translated by Tony Atkinson (ISBN 978-4-86658-177-4)

Published by an overseas publisher in cooperation with JPIC
14) Maritime Asia vs. Continental Asia: National Strategies in a Region of Change by SHIRAISHI Takashi, translated by Paul Warham (ISBN 978-1-62637-945-9)
※Published by Lynne Rienner Publishers

Titles number 4 and 8 were both published last year in 2020 but due to the timing of their publication, were not included in the spring 2020 donation.