NEWS / お知らせ

2020 Lineup

After countless hours of translation, editing, proofreading, and fine tuning; the lineup for the 2020 series has finally come together. The following thirteen titles will be published by JPIC while the last two titles are being published in cooperation with University of Michigan Press and Lynne Rienner Publishers respectively.

Published by JPIC

Published by an overseas publisher in cooperation with JPIC

The Era of Great Disasters: Japan and Its Three Major Earthquakes by IOKIBE Makoto

*Published by University of Michigan Press

History, Memory, and Politics in Postwar Japan edited by IOKIBE Kaoru, KOMIYA Kazuo, HOSOYA Yuichi, MIYAGI Taizo, and the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research's Political and Diplomatic Review Project

*Published by Lynne Rienner Publishers

Two of the above titles published by JPIC, The Japanese Linguistic Landscape and The Story of Japan's Ohmi Merchants, were actually released in 2019 but did not make it in time for the annual donation. Therefore, these two titles will be included in the 2020 annual donation.