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Upcoming Paperback Editions

In addition to the new 2020 series lineup, we are planning to reprint four backlist titles in paperback edition in the upcoming months. The paperback editions have been revised, fine tuned, and thanks to the lower cost of production, the retail price will be lower compared to the hardcover edition. The four titles are listed below along with their relevant ISBN. Exact publication dates are still being worked out so please check back for updates.

The Building of Horyuji: The Technique and Wood that Made It Possible

ISBN 978-4-86658-143-9 (Paperback)

Edo Japan Encounters the World: Conversations Between Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro

ISBN 978-4-86658-146-0 (Paperback)

Kabuki, a Mirror of Japan: Ten Plays that Offer a Glimpse into Evolving Sensibilities

ISBN 978-4-86658-144-6 (Paperback)

Soetsu Yanagi: Selected Essays on Japanese Folk Crafts

ISBN 978-4-86658-145-3 (Paperback)