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Upcoming Summer 2019 Publications

JAPAN LIBRARY titles are typically published at the same time every year around March in one concise package. However, sometimes there are a few outliers that fall outside of this time frame and are published at other times of the year. This summer, we have a couple extra titles for you! Check them out below.

1. The Japanese Linguistic Landscape: Reflections on Quintessential Words by Nakanishi Susumu
Translated by Ryan Shaldjian Morrison
Genre: Culture
Original Japanese Title: Utsukushii Nihongo no fūkei published in 2008 by TANKOSHA PUBLISHING. There are also parts of Prof. Nakanishi's other book Kotoba no kokoro included in The Japanese Linguistic Landscape. Kotoba no kokoro was published by TOKYO SHOSEKI CO., LTD. in 2016.

Note: Like the original Japanese edition, this book also features many photographs to supplement the essays in which Prof. Nakanishi explores the meaning and evolution of words found in the Japanese language.

2. The Story of Japan's Ohmi Merchants: The Precept of Sanpo-yoshi by Suenaga Kunitoshi
Translated by Larry Greenberg
Genre: Business & Economics
Original Japanese Title: Ōmi shōnin gaku nyūmon: CSR no genryū [sanpō yoshi] kaiteiban published in 2017 by Sunrise Publishing.

Note: For this English edition, the author revised difficult-to-understand passages, added new passages to provide additional background not found in the original version, and gave annotations to aid greater understanding.