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New 2019 Lineup and Spring Events

We are proud to announce this year's lineup of all brand new titles. The 2019 series consists of 12 titles published by JPIC with an additional 3 titles published through overseas publishers working in cooperation with JPIC.

Published by JPIC

1) The Art of Emptiness by Sakaida Kakiemon XIV

2) The Book of Urushi: Japanese Lacquerware from a Master by Matsuda Gonroku

3) Every Day a Good Day: Fifteen lessons I learned about happiness from Japanese tea culture

by Morishita Noriko

4) Friendship across the Seas: The US Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force by Agawa Naoyuki

5) Heritage Culture and Business, Kyoto Style: Craftsmanship in the Creative Economy by Murayama Yuzo

6) The Lure of Pokémon: Video Games and the Savage Mind by Nakazawa Shinichi

7) The Music of Color by Shimura Fukumi

8) Pilgrimages in the Secular Age: From El Camino to Anime by Okamoto Ryosuke

9) The Remarkable History of Japan-US Relations by Kosaka Masataka

10) Security Politics in Japan: Legislation for a New Security Environment by Hosoya Yuichi

11) Toward the Meiji Revolution: The Search for "Civilization" in Nineteenth-Century Japan by Karube Tadashi

12) Understanding History in Asia: What Diplomatic Documents Reveal by Hattori Ryuji

Published by overseas publisher in cooperation with JPIC

1) The Burden of the Past: Problems of Historical Perception in Japan-Korea Relations by Kimura Kan

*Published by the University of Michigan Press

2) The Political History of Modern Japan: Foreign Relations and Domestic Policies by Kitaoka Shinichi

*Published by Routledge

3) What Is Japanese Cinema? A History by Yomota Inuhiko

*Published by Columbia University Press

JAPAN LIBRARY will be exhibiting at the following two conferences this upcoming March. If you would like to appointment with JL or make inquire, please send an email to As always, books for sale at events will be availabe at a discounted price.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

AAS Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado (March 21-24, Booth #523)

ISA Annual Convention in Toronto (March 27-30, Booth #114-116)

*Due to the close timing between the 2019 series publication date and the events, copies of new titles will be limited at both events.