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Fall & Winter News

This past fall, JAPAN LIBRARY debuted at the American Political Science Association (APSA) conference in Boston, MA. Almost directly afterwards, JL then took a trip across the pond and exhibited for the first time at the British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS) conference in Sheffield, UK. Rounding out a busy autumn schedule was a trip to the colorful city of Kaunas in Lithuania with a short pit stop in Helsinki, Finland to visit the University of Helsinki libraryhome to previous donations of JL titles. Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas was the location for the 29th European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists' annual conference; a regular event that JL has participated in ever since the series was created in 2015.

In December, JL made its debut in Southeast Asia at the JSA-ASEAN conference in tropical Jakarta, Indonesia. Although it was only the 6th conference, we are excited to see JSA-ASEAN grow and hope to continue providing publications to researchers and scholars in Southeast Asia at future events.

In recent publications, Professor Kimura Kan's book The Burden of the Past: Problems of Historical Perception in Japan-Korea Relations, was published through University of Michigan Press. In addition, the 2015 title Flower Petals Fall, but the Flower Endures: The Japanese Philosophy of Transience by Prof. Takeuchi Seiichi was released with a revised translation and cover design. Both books were many years in the making and we are proud to finally see them added to the JAPAN LIBRARY lineup.