2016-2017 Series Lineup

Older Posts

  • Edo Japan Encounters the World
  • The Entrepreneur Who Built Modern Japan
  • Essays on the History of Scientific Thought in Modern Japan
  • Fifteen Lectures on Showa Japan
  • The Territory of Japan
  • Friendship across the Seas
  • The Building of Horyu-ji
  • The Burden of the Past
  • Bushido and the Art of Living
  • Contemporary Japanese Architects
  • Designing Japan

Downloadable Contents

New 2019 Lineup and Spring Events

We are proud to announce this year's lineup of all brand new titles. The 2019 series consists of 13 titles published by JPIC with an additional 3 titles published through overseas publishers working in cooperation with JPIC.

Fall & Winter News

This past fall, JAPAN LIBRARY debuted at the American Political Science Association (APSA) conference in Boston, MA. Almost directly afterwards, JL then took a trip across the pond and exhibited for the first time at the British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS) conference in Sheffield, UK.


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