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Mixing Work with Pleasure

Mixing Work with Pleasure

My Life at Studio Ghibli

Suzuki Toshio
Translated by Roger Speares



Published by JPIC | Hardcover | ISBN 978-4-86658-022-7 | 238 pages | 220mm (h) x 148mm (w) | March 2018

About the Book

Toshio Suzuki has devoted himself to Studio Ghibli for some thirty years, producing such world-renowned animated classics as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

Early in his career he met the two genius directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata and gained their confidence. Working with these two inimitable directors, he experienced the joys and sorrows of filmmaking, and he continues today to guide the studio. Based on his innate inquisitive nature and the accumulated resources of thirty years, Suzuki has recounted in this book the story not only of Miyazaki and Takahata but also the other figures working at Studio Ghibli or in connection with it. It is a fascinating tale, told with penetrating insight and heartwarming humor.

About the Author


Born in Nagoya city in 1948, Suzuki graduated from Keio University (literature faculty) in 1972 and was employed by Tokuma Shoten Publishing. After working in the editorial department of the magazine Animage, he became involved in film production with Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. From 1989 he devoted his time exclusively to Studio Ghibli, producing numerous hits such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

He is presently producer and chairman of Studio Ghibli.

His other publications include Eiga doraku (Mixing Film with Pleasure; Kadokawa Bunko), Jiburi no tetsugaku (Ghibli’s Philosophy; Iwanami Shoten), Suzuki Toshio no Jiburi asemamire (Toshio Suzuki’s Sweating It Out at Ghibli;, Kaze ni fukarete (Blown by the Wind; Chuokoron-Shinsha), and Jinsei wa tannaru karasawagi: Kotoba no maho (Life Is Nothing but a Fuss over Nothing: The Magic of Words; Kadokawa Shoten).





1948 年名古屋市生まれ。

1972 年慶應義塾大学文学部卒業,徳間書店入社『アニメージュ』編集部を経て,『風の谷のナウシカ』を機に映画制作へ。1989 年よりスタジオジブリ専従,プロデューサーとして『もののけ姫』『千と千尋の神隠し』など,大ヒット作を次々に生みだす。

現在 ― スタジオジブリ代表取締役プロデューサー

著書 ― 『映画道楽』(角川文庫)



『人生は単なる空騒ぎ ‐言葉の魔法‐』(角川書店)






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仕事道楽 新版 ―スタジオジブリの現場

仕事道楽 新版 ―スタジオジブリの現場

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