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Every Day a Good Day

Every Day a Good Day

Fifteen lessons I learned about happiness from Japanese tea culture

Morishita Noriko
Translated by Eleanor Goldsmith

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¥2,900 (Hardcover) | ¥2,100 (Paperback)

Published by JPIC | ISBN 978-4-86658-062-3 (Hardcover) | ISBN 978-4-86658-182-8 (Paperback) | 192 pages | 210mm (h) x 148mm (w) | March 2019

About the Book

I could not walk correctly.

I did not know where to sit.

I did not know which hand to use,

what to pick up, how to

pick it up. Nothing had stuck

with me, even though I had

done it all just an hour before.

You have to start from zero . . .

Reporter and essayist Morishita Noriko reflects on twenty-five years of studying the Japanese Way of Tea, from her first uncertain steps as a college student to her gradual discovery of freedom within the very rules that once seemed to hold her back. As Morishita experiences the trials and triumphs of adult life, from job-hunting setbacks to lost love, from the struggle to build a career to the pain of losing a loved one, Tea is always there to remind her that simply being present in the moment is enough. The joy of savoring the seasons with all five senses—of smelling the rain, of hearing each individual raindrop. The importance of cherishing each meeting as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Humor and heartbreak, despair and determination—in this memoir, Morishita vividly connects the Way of Tea to the full span of human experience, culminating in the exhilaration of realizing “I’m alive, right now!”

About the Author


Morishita Noriko was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1956. She graduated from the Department of Japanese Literature at the Faculty of Humanities, Japan Women’s University. While still an undergraduate, she began working as a reporter, gathering stories for Shukan Asahi magazine’s popular Dekigotology column. Since publishing her experiences researching the column in the 1987 book Nori-yakko Dosue, she has enjoyed a flourishing career as an essayist and reporter. Morishita’s books include Nori-yakko perushawan o yuku, Zense e no boken: runesansu no tensai chokokuka o otte, and Itoshii tabemono.


"Some sections made me tear up, and others made me laugh out loud. Noriko’s writing is honest and vulnerable, like having a conversation with a close friend. I really appreciated that she did not sugarcoat her experiences. Studying anything for that many years is not easy, and the struggles she described were very relatable. I definitely feel like I deepened my understanding of the Japanese tea ceremony by following her journey."

Nicole Wilson, April 14, 2021

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