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Lost in Evolution

Lost in Evolution

Exploring Humanity’s Path in Asia

Kawabata Hiroto
Technical advisor Kaifu Yousuke
Translated by Dana Lewis

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Published by JPIC | 978-4-86658-133-0 (Hardcover) | 200 pages | 210mm (h) x 148mm (w) | March 2020

About the Book

A book that will change how you think about humanity.

Even as societies are beset with turmoil over insignificant human differences such a skin color, Homo sapiens are broadly homogeneous. We’re all basically the same. What’s more, we’re the only human species alive. Yet it has not always been that way. Eons ago, there were many different species many different places. Not only the Peking Man and Cro-Magnons that school textbooks talk about but many more. It was, so to speak, “a world of diversity.” Now it is just us. How did this happen? Who were these people? Where did they live? And how did such species diversity end up being just Homo sapiens? With an unequaled focus on events in Asia, this exciting work takes you along on the exploration and the research to answer these questions. Providing new information and new insights, it is a thoughtful look at humanity’s evolutionary background.

About the Author


Kawabata Hiroto worked as a science reporter for the Nippon TV news dept before going independent in 1997, after graduated from the University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences.

KAIFU Yousuke

Kaifu Yousuke is currently group head for the Division of Human Evolution, Department of Anthropology, at Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science, and leads the hands-on project to reenact the voyage to Japan 30,000 years ago.


"Early man may not have fought the dinosaurs, but the two struggle today for space on bookshelves and in popular imagination. Dinosaurs had been winning. Lost in Evolution has Homo erectus fighting back."

Peter Gordon, September 19, 2020

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人類進化学者。1969年東京都生まれ。東京大学大学院理学系研究科博士課程中退。理学博士。国立科学博物館人類研究部人類史研究グループ長。「3万年前の航海 徹底再現プロジェクト」代表。アジアの人類化石に精通し、ジャワ原人やフローレス原人の研究によって第九回(平成二四年度)日本学術振興会賞を受賞。




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