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The Remarkable History of Japan-US Relations

The Remarkable History of Japan-US Relations

Kosaka Masataka
Translated by Terry Gallagher

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Published by JPIC | Hardcover | ISBN 978-4-916055-77-4 | 192 pages | 210mm (h) x 148mm (w) | March 2019

About the Book

After the Pacific War, the bitter enemies Japan and the United States became fast friends and allies. Most observers in the West believe Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was unprovoked, but what had led Japan to take such action? The arrival of American “black ships” in Japan in 1853 was one cause of the fall of the shogunate and the restoration of imperial power little more than a decade later. That set Japan on the road to international expansion in imitation of Western imperial powers. This volume recounts this saga from the Russo-Japanese War and Japanese expansion in Manchuria to the brink of war with the United States.

About the Author

KOSAKA Masataka

Kosaka Masataka (1934-1996) was a professor of international politics at Kyoto University from 1971 to 1996. He graduated from Kyoto University, Law School and studied at Harvard University from 1960 to 1962. His 1962 article “Genjitsu shugisha no heiwaron” [A Realist’s View of Peace], had a major impact on the discussion of democracy in postwar Japan. His numerous books include Saisho Yoshida Shigeru [Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida] (1968), Sekai chizu no naka de kangaeru [Thinking within the Map of the World] (1968), and Kotengaiko no seijuku to hokai [Maturity and Collapse in Classic Diplomacy] (1978).









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