2019 Series Lineup

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  • Heritage Culture and Business, Kyoto Style
  • Every Day a Good Day
  • The Burden of the Past
  • The Political History of Modern Japan
  • The Story of Japan's Ohmi Merchants
  • The Music of Color
  • The Book of Urushi
  • The Art of Emptiness
  • The Lure of Pokémon
  • The Japanese Linguistic Landscape
  • The Remarkable History of Japan-US Relations
  • Toward the Meiji Revolution
  • Security Politics in Japan
  • Friendship across the Seas
  • Understanding History in Asia
  • What Is Japanese Cinema?
  • Pilgrimages in the Secular Age

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2020 Lineup

After countless hours of translation, editing, proofreading, and fine tuning; the lineup for the 2020 series has finally come together. The following thirteen titles will be published by JPIC while the last two titles are being published in cooperation with University of Michigan Press and Lynne Rienner Publishers respectively.

New Office Location

With growth comes change, so the JAPAN LIBRARY team and the rest of JPIC will be moving to a new office. Starting from January 14, 2020, our office location will be at the address listed below.

Upcoming Paperback Editions

In addition to the new 2020 series lineup, we are planning to reprint four backlist titles in paperback edition. The paperback editions have been revised and fine tuned and thanks to the lower cost of production, the retail price will be lower compared to the hardcover edition.


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