2020 Series Lineup

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  • The Legacy of Kano Jigoro
  • The Story of Japan's Ohmi Merchants
  • The Japanese Linguistic Landscape
  • The Era of Great Disasters
  • Japan's Approach to Legal and Judicial Development in Developing Countries
  • Lost in Evolution
  • The Japan-US Alliance of Hope
  • History, Memory, and Politics in Postwar Japan
  • Population and the Japanese Economy
  • Making Xavier’s Dream Real
  • Flowers, Birds, Wind, and Moon
  • Remnants of Days Past
  • How Human Is Human?
  • Traditional Cuisine of the Ryukyu Islands
  • The Kidai Shōran Scroll
  • The World of Ito Jakuchu

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[UPDATED] Event Cancellation/Postponement

JAPAN LIBRARY titles are exhibited at multiple conferences every year. Two of which are the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) conference and the International Studies Association (ISA) conference, both held annually in a major city in America or Canada.

Work from Home

With an official state of emergency to be declared for Tokyo and six other prefectures due to the spread of the coronavirus in Japan, the team at JAPAN LIBRARY has shifted to working mostly from home.

[NOTICE] Annual Donation Postponement

Given the current state of affairs worldwide regarding COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the annual donation of JAPAN LIBRARY titles. Typically, the books are sent out from Japan around the end of March each year.


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